Financial Statement Preparation

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements not only offer a snapshot of your business’s fiscal health but can also aid in predicting and planning for future financial conditions. 

Empowering your business with tailored financial statements

White Cloud Accounting delivers the financial statements required to meet each of our client’s individual business needs. A complete financial statement package may include the following:

Balance Sheet

A view of your business’s overall financial condition at month, quarter, and/or year end.

Income Statement

Summarizes revenues, expenses, and net profits so you can assess the operating performance of your business.

Actual to Budget Comparison

Identifies trouble spots in your company’s revenue streams and spending patterns.

Cash Flow Statement

See how changes in your Balance Sheet and Income Statement affect your business’s available cash.


Full financial statement preparation including disclosure notes to the financial statements to IFRS or GAAP standards, ready for audit, as well as provide on-going support throughout the audit, for our clients. 

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